Visual Arts Directory Registration

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Visual Arts Directory

For one year (12 months)

The subscription gives you access to a page in the web Artsvox Directory. Your registration includes a change of content per month. Please check the contents of the web page you want to show.

Registration Dues

Dues cover registration for one year with taxes included;


Artist                                 Total $ 250.00 cad/year

Museum                          Total $ 500.00 cad/year

Administrators                  Total $ 750.00 cad/year

Only entries accompanied by payment will be processed.

Payments by credit card on Paypal

Conditions issued by ArtsVox

I authorize and accept that ArtsVox broadcast on its directory my videos, my photos, my text description of my business, or inscribed and installed on my web page of its directory is the following links: Email and website my company, email and phone number of my agent, critics and the release schedule of my performances.

  • None of the following topics will be published on the website of ArtsVox: pornographic content, illegal content, such as content with other copyrights, pirated software sites, racist, defamatory or any other illegal activity within the meaning of the law.
  • 1GB of transfer or bandwidth per month per customer. ($ 10.00 per GB exceeded per month per client )

ArtsVox Medias Group

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