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ArtsVox is an international and multidisciplinary magazine published in English and French unpublished articles on artists, cultural organizations and companies active on the international scene.

With reports, analyzes and topics, the magazine ArtsVox informs the readers about cultural events and their economic impact of their activities on different target audiences worldwide.

With corresponding columnists visionaries, strategists and key players in the industry, ArtsVox look and analysis artistic évents of organizations, institutions, cultural megacities and multinational of show-business to discover their business models and challenges related to their creations, their production and circulation on different markets.

References, quality resources on the world of arts and culture and international cultural tourism.

The magazine ArtsVox contributes to intercultural exchange, dialogue and facilitates the understanding of designers, artists, producers, distributors, professionals, academics, cultural organizations and government related to economic development engine of the global art media, performing arts, visual arts and major events.

ArtsVox Canadian Magazine is a publication distributed in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

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