Arts Network Canada Asia Pacific



Arts Network Canada Asia Pacific (ANCAP) is a non-profit organization created and established to be a driving force, a catalyst, and a key link in the relationship between Canada and the Asia Pacific for the arts and culture.

We do this in partnership with the private and public sectors.

Our mission is to stimulate exchanges and collaborations for the realization of partnership agreements between professionals (personalities and organizations) from Canada and Asia Pacific related to the new media industry, the performing arts, visual arts, education and international trade.

Arts Network Canada Asia Pacific (ANCAP) will disseminate relevant information to arts companies, cultural organizations and educational institutions in Canada and Asia Pacific who are looking for opportunities and resources to export or carry out their creative activities internationally. This information will be published on interactive platforms online, in specialized media and in several websites.

We hope you will be with us on this great global adventure of exchanges, collaborations, partnership agreements and international trade between Canada and Asia Pacific in the field of the arts and culture.

Looking forward to hearing from you !

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